Feldenkrais® & Anat Baniel Methodsm
for children and adults
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Join an online class to improve how you move

  • Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PST, first class is free!

  • What to expect: Gentle fun movement exploration that makes your neck, shoulders, back, and feet more comfortable and improves your balance

  • What you need to participate:
    - a computer (PC or Mac), laptop, or smart phone with a browser, Internet access,  speaker, and microphone
    - a comfortable chair and a quiet space

  • How it works for your first free class: I'll email you a link to the class. You click the link a few minutes before class. You'll be prompted to install Zoom (This takes about 2 minutes) and connect to the class.

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  • To continue, click to buy a 4-pack of classes for $20. These can be used anytime during the next three months.
    Or, if you prefer, mail a check for $20 to Move Beyond Limits, 15650 NE 24th, Ste C3, Bellevue, WA 98008

$20 for 4 Online Feldenkrais Classes


How Feldenkrais can help with Parkinson's

The Feldenkrais Method can make a huge difference in balance, helping you feel more secure on your feet and prevent falls. Each session will leave you feeling a little looser and more mobile. You'll reduce the effort required for activities like sitting and walking, leaving you with more energy to continue to do your favorite activities. You can improve your independence by improving your balance, and learning ways to more easily turn over in bed, get in and out of the car, put on shoes, overcome freezing, or use a walker safely. Feldenkrais can help you preserve your relationships by helping you maintain mobility in your face and speech volume and clarity. Because you'll see progress in each lesson, it can also help counteract the depression that can come with a chronic illness. As your body develops more movement choices, your emotions open up as well.

In addition to the online class, we offer weekly drop-in classes focused on balance for people with Parkinson's. We can also work with you in 1-1 sessions on specific requests in our office in Bellevue. We also offer private online sessions using Zoom for people who live outside the Seattle area. We encourage you to come in, share with us what you love to do, and let us work with you to find ways for you to do those things with more comfort and ease.

We are also happy to come to your greater Seattle area Parkinson's support group to do a free movement lesson.

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Making the impossible possible; making the possible easy; and making the easy, elegant.
Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc., founder of the Feldenkrais Method®

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