Feldenkrais & Anat Baniel Methodsm
for children and adults
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Take 3 minutes to try this easy experiment now:

  1. Turn and look over your right shoulder. Notice how far you can comfortably turn. Notice what stops you from turning further.
  2. Turn and look over your left shoulder. Notice how far you can turn on this side, and what stops you. Is this side easier or harder than the other one?
  3. Pick the side you'd like to improve.
  4. Put both hands on your chin, with your elbows hanging down and touching each other. Turn your whole self in the direction you want to improve.
    • Notice which buttock you put more weight on.
    • Do you push with one foot to help the turn?
    • Does one knee move a little forward, and one a little back?

    Return to face front, and repeat this movement a few times.

  5. Now relax your arms, and turn to this side again. Has it become a little easier?

What's different? Instead of using just the 7 vertebrae in your neck to turn, you're using more of yourself.

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