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About our work with kids

"I am so thankful and glad to having started Daniel on ABM! He is finally sleeping better… we have been pursuing this for months!!! (This among many other little miracles) Denise

"He has started socializing and tries to mimic other people. We are amazed at the creativity and fun that you bring in each session. All of us have a great time in the sessions and most important thing is he enjoys the sessions very much. Vikash

"I see a huge difference in his desire to move his body. We’ve tried getting him to ride a bike for years, with no luck. He just said “Mom, I want to ride”, and in two days, he’s riding. He motivated the whole thing. He’s trying to do everything on his own now. Before, he’d give up in a minute. Now, we just give him a pointer. He’s not giving up. That’s the difference. He wants to play tag. He wants to rollerskate.  He’s fully in “I’m going to do it myself – look at me” and in total experiment mode instead of constantly saying “I need you to help me”. He’s saying “I want” vs “I need”." Renee

"Her trunk is stronger and she is able to be on her stomach for longer periods of time. She is sitting up better and is more stable and her dexterity in her hands has improved. She is holding on to toys better and is transferring them from one hand to the other. Gaelynn

"After his session, he went for his bike ride and had a stunningly excellent result. Typically, he has trouble peddling due to the internal rotation of his left leg like we mentioned, but today Steve said he did great. His peddling was much better and he was able to contribute quite a bit more. Steve was able to feel him working and really pushing as they were riding. Michelle

"Jake had a great session yesterday and he was rolling over at home too! Love that!" Kristin

"I just recently heard of the Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel methods and immediately felt drawn to explore them as a form of therapy for my son. He is five and diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder and sensory integration disorder. He has had some traditional speech and physical therapy, as well as ongoing floortime, occupational and applied behavioral therapy since his diagnosis two and a half years ago. While he has made many gains during this time, he still struggled with being comfortable in his own body and feeling confident enough to consistently join with and attend to others. He was fairly ritualistic and very resistant to change. But what has concerned me the most is the impact of traditional methods on his self esteem and his desire to try new things. He started to wonder why everyone was trying to fix him and became very frustrated when he couldn't do what was being asked of him.

We have only had three sessions with Ed Mills and I saw immediate results. First of all my son felt very safe and relaxed. When we got home the afternoon of our first session, he got on his glider bike and took off without dragging his right foot as he usually did. I had to run to keep up. The next day instead of sitting cross legged and leaning on his favored left side, he sat with his feet under his bottom and knees out front, balanced down the mid line, and played a game with someone. I had never seen him sit that way before. He also started driving toy cars with the front facing forward and then purposefully turning them around to come back, something he had never paid attention to in the past. After the second session he started coming to the table with a toy and playing with it in one hand while he ate with the other. This was significant because he has struggled a bit with using his hand together and tended to use one at a time.

After the third session he suddenly began watching TV laying on his belly braced on his elbows, instead of the uncomfortable looking sprawl he usually favored. It is as if he is suddenly realizing he has choices and that his body can take many different positions. During this time we have also seen an explosion in his exploration of objects. He is much more attentive to the things around him and picks everything up, turning it every which way, studying it and stuffing things into, under and over other things. The other day I watched as he picked up his straw and instead of jamming into his cup, he very intently lifted as high above his cup as his arm could reach and dropped it from two feet above the glass right into it - bullseye! And the highlight of my weekend was watching my son walk through our crowded church lobby, and instead of staring at the ceiling lights and doing anything possible to avoid looking at the moving mass of people around him, he watched one person after another walk toward him and turned his head to watch each one as they went past.

I think the timing was right for us to find Ed and Irene. The emphasis on gently, slowly, and attentively moving the body is really awakening my son to a new level of experience and helping him pull together and build on past experiences. I also am learning how to slow down, look at what myself and my son are doing with fresh eyes, and be an encourager instead of a fixer. Anat's book, Kids Beyond Limits, is helping me understand the method and put things into practice at home. What I have seen so far has exceeded my expectations and I am excited by how much my son enjoys it and is generalizing and building on what he has learned with no prompting from me. I think this is a therapy that respects the individual child, understands the body-brain connection, and enhances a child's unique strengths. I recommend giving it a try.  Wendy

About our private lessons with adults

"In a short session, Irene helped me regain some range of motion I had long lost to rheumatoid arthritis."  Lisa

"My neighbor wondered who that young person was she saw walking in my yard. It is like magic. Irene, I am so grateful for your knowledge and for the gentle and fun way in which you teach me." Eva

"I had the pleasure of a Feldenkrais session with Ed at Move Beyond Limits in Bellevue a few weeks ago. Just one session. And I am still thinking about and incorporating what I learned - focusing on how the whole body works together to create one simple motion (like turning your head). Adjustments with a super light touch and gentle motions. I felt the difference right away!" Lynne

"After one session with Ed, I haven’t felt so good in years. It really is amazing how good I feel. My hairdresser said I walk differently."  Susan

"Irene’s Feldenkrais lessons have been invaluable to me as a former dancer recovering proper use of my legs.  Only two years ago, walking was difficult.  Now I’m ballroom dancing.  I’ve only had five private sessions so far, yet from the very first lesson I’ve felt dramatic improvement in ease and quality of movement.  I hadn’t realized how restricted my chest, shoulder girdle and pelvis had become, or that I wouldn’t always have to use my hands to lift my legs when getting into my car, or have to use a handrail to drag myself up stairs.  What a surprise when I was changing my shoes at the end of an evening of dancing and discovered I’d forgotten to use my knee brace… and my knee didn’t hurt.  At the age of 70, I had no idea the body could respond and recover so quickly.  The gentle, subtle movements of Feldenkrais are now part of my ongoing wellness program.  Thank you, Irene." Lin 

Before, when I would fall, I was like a tree. From the Feldenkrais, I was able to turn my body, grab the rail, and gently twist to the ground.  I looked to see where I was going.  Nancy

"I am continually amazed at how rich and interesting this approach is. And, of course, your intelligence and curiosity, bring out that depth! Thank you for being that island of peace and sanity in the sea of overwhelm." Jean

" I stand in front of my class differently and am aware of softening my chest and using my arms with greater rotation ( as per the exercise we did against the wall.) I speak and behave differently. I find there's much less stress when I can relax. I breath differently using my upper chest more to breathe in and my core stomach muscles to breath out.  Ann H.


About our classes and workshops

"Before the workshop, I was stressed and exhausted.  Afterwards, I felt more grounded. I felt balanced (and I have balance problems.  I was more relaxed than I'd been in weeks.  My jaw was softer and wasn't clicking as usual." Theresa

"Irene’s ATM classes have helped me to ward off injury by learning to move my body with more grace and less effort. I find that I no longer suffer from low back pain when I am on my feet all day or when I skate. The ATM class has also helped to increase my range of motion through my neck, chest, back, and hips. Wendy

"Noah has been studying Aikido, and was having a hard time with one move. I reminded him to think about using his whole body, and searching for ease like he learned in Feldenkrais; he was able to resolve his problem almost immediately. Ilana

"I already see signs of improvement from participating in this class, the most encouraging one being that this past summer I grew taller, that is, from one doctor’s appointment to the next, I recovered about three-quarters of an inch I had lost in height." Ann O.

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